Tylenol Pm Side Effects

There have been many Tylenol PM side effects reported. This medication contains the two medications, antihistamine and acetaminophen. The antihistamine ingredient usually makes a person drowsy, so in that case, it can be utilized as a sleep aid. The acetaminophen ingredient is taken to give relief for mild to moderate pain (like a backache, headache, or muscle aches and pains that come from the flu, a cold or muscle strain) Some of the side effects are discussed below. The information in this article is only meant to complement, not replace the professional judgment of your physician.

  1. Liver Problems– Taking more than the described maximum daily dose of Tylenol PM might cause serious, maybe even fatal, liver disease. If you have any symptoms of damage to the liver, contact a physician immediately. Some symptoms of liver damage is dark urine, nausea/vomiting, yellowed eyes/skin, intense tiredness or acute stomach pain.
  2. Allergic Reaction – The Tylenol PM side effect of allergic reaction is rare, but does happen. If you happen to see any serious allergic reaction, you should seek medical care immediately. Some of the symptoms are severe dizziness, breathing trouble, an itchy rash or swelling that mainly affects the throat, tongue or face.
  3. Blood Problems – Another side effect of taking Tylenol PM is blood problems. Contact your doctor if you had any easy or unusual bleeding from any part of your body. Also, look out for unusual bruising which could be a blood problem.
  4. Low Blood Sugar – Having low blood sugar is one of the Tylenol PM side effects. The symptoms of having low blood sugar is if you feel very tired or fatigued or experience increased thirst. Additionally, fainting or dizziness are also symptoms of low blood sugar and should be reported to your doctor.
  5. Dizziness or Drowsiness – Even though drowsiness will help a person fall asleep and this product is a sleep aide, there are some times that it is not advisable to take Tylenol PM because of this side effect. It is not recommended to take Tylenol PM if you are going to be driving a car or operating dangerous machinery. If this product is taken with other medications or it is not taken properly, it can cause grogginess which can be a Tylenol Side Effect.
  6. Physical Side Effects – Tylenol PM is not thought to be a habit forming medication. However, it also needs to be taken as directed on the label. If it is not taken properly, you may experience restlessness or nervousness instead of the sleepiness effect which you are trying to achieve.
  7. Deadly Liver Disease – If alcohol is consumed along with the Tylenol PM, the chance of liver disease that could cause death can occur. Since alcohol is known to sometimes cause liver disease, when you take Tylenol PM at the same time, the chance of the liver problems turning into a deadly disease is more common. The best thing to do is not consume alcohol if you are taking Tylenol PM.
  8. Nervous System Side Effects – In elderly patients, delirium has been reported as one of Tylenol PM side effects. The ingredient said to cause nervous system problems is diphenhydramine, which is the antihistamine used in Tylenol PM. Other nervous system side effects reported include depression with sedation and drowsiness in almost all patients treated.
  9. Low Blood Pressure – Another one of Tylenol PM side effects that has been reported is low blood pressure due to the acetaminophen in the medication. Additionally, cardiovascular side effects were reported along with the low blood pressure. Also, the cardiovascular side effects of tachycardia, palpitations and hypotension have been reported from taking diphenhydramine.
  10. Overdose Side Effect – One of the most common of the Tylenol side effects is an overdose, though not necessarily on purpose. Before taking any other allergy, cold, cough, pain, or sleep aide, ask your physician. Many of these types of medications contain acetaminophen or diphenhydramine also and by taking them with Tylenol PM, you may overdose. 
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