Type B Personality Traits


Did you know your laid back attitude and casual demeanor might actually be type B personality traits? Yes, science has an answer for everything and developed a way of categorizing how we approach both our work lives and our personal lives in ways that match a certain criteria. Some say this is just a bunch of pop psychology bunk, but others believe it could be a valuable tool in helping people lead healthier lives. Some of the type B personality traits are:

  1. Introverted. A classic type B personality trait tends to have a more reserved manner in how they carry themselves. They are less concerned with their professional status or becoming a millionaire by the age of 40. They also tend to have fewer friends, but are closer to them as a result.  
  2. Intuitive. If you exhibit a type B personality trait, you may find yourself relying more on your intuition than just cold hard facts. Type B’s tend to value facts and experience rather than facts alone and are more open to differing interpretations.
  3. More willing to allow for emotion in decision-making. In that same vein, those displaying type B personality traits will value emotion and the possible consequences of a decision rather than just running with a more empirical worldview.
  4. More relaxed. Workers in a job site find that one of their type B personality traits are that they are more relaxed than some of their colleagues when it comes to getting the job done. While they have no problem meeting deadlines for projects, they see no need to get something in ahead of time if it means rushing it.  
  5. More carefree disposition. As a result of having some type B personality traits, people find themselves more at ease with their surroundings and less like to become a victim to stress-related diseases. Knowing when its time to work and when its time to play takes some of the stress off of their lives and allows them to see the value in smelling the roses as opposed to living life as a workaholic.
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