Types Of Champagne

How do you know what types are champagne are perfect for you next cocktail party? Types of champagne are classified by their sweetness. They range from dry to very sweet, so check your labels and decide which is best for your taste and wallet. This article is a perfect guide to help you learn about the types of champagnes.

  1. Ultra Brut/extra brut/Brut Zero/Brut Nature/Brut Sauvage champagnes. These four types virtually have no sugar added to the second fermentation of the grapes. From a technical standpoint it can contain less than 3 grams per liter. 
  2. Extra Brut Champagnes. This type of champagne is also a lower sugar champagne. Per liter Extra Brut contains fewer than 6 grams. This champagne is commonly paired with cheese. 
  3. Brut Champagnes.  This is the standard type of champagne. It is dry.  It contains no more than 1.5% sugar.  This is about 15 grams per liter. This type of champagne is the most common in toasting.
  4. Extra-dry champagnes. Extra-dry Champagne is dryer than brut and is slightly sweeter.  Extra-dry can contain up to 2% sugar.  This is  12 to 20 grams of suar per liter.
  5. Sec Champagnes. Sec champagne is a sweet sparkling wine. It can contain up to 4% sugar. That is  17 to 35 per liter. This champagne is great paired with light.cakes, sweets and fruits.
  6. Demi Sec Champagnes. Demi Sec is sweeter, with up to 8% sugar. This type of champagne contains 33-50 grams of sugar per liter. This type is paired with chocolates and strawberries. 
  7. Doux Champagnes. Doux is a sweet type of champagne.  Doux has up to 10% sugar.  This is a more than 50 grams in liter.  This type is super sweet, a perfect after dinner champagne.
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