Types Of Entrepreneurs

There are various types of entrepreneurs, and your entrepreneur type plays a vital role in how successful your business will become. The most successful entrepreneur normally performs some form of self-analysis to determine their skill level prior to becoming self-employed. All entrepreneurs come with varying interests and styles, and it is their individuality which makes them stand out and succeed in their chosen field, whether they are an enthusiast, individualist or a doer.

  1. Enthusiast. This type of entrepreneur is enthusiastic about the business venture, and thinks the new business will be one of the most successful business ventures immediately. Unfortunately, they do not attain the desired success overnight. The enthusiast might benefit from lowered expectations and then exceeding those expectations rather than unrealistic goal.   
  2. Passionate Entrepreneur. This type of entrepreneur has a passion for what they do. They excel at what they do, but may sometimes lack the necessary business skills to make the business work. The passion of running a business is important but equally important is handling the administrative operations as well. The passionate entrepreneur may need to allot time to the business needs that they may not enjoy in order to achieve balance.
  3. Individualistic Entrepreneur. This type of person relies on himself for everything in the business, and they may eventually figure out that relying solely on themselves will cause burnout and possible other stresses.  
  4. Philanthropist. The philanthropist entrepreneur has a strong desire to help their community. They see a need in the community and step up to meet the need by starting a business. The drawback to this individual success, they may focus so much on the need at hand and neglect the business profit. This entrepreneur needs to find a balance between the need to give and accomplishing the financial gain.
  5. Idea Entrepreneur. The idea businessperson has brilliant ideas, but they do not have the ability to implement the ideas. The ideas sometimes fizzle after time. This type of entrepreneur lacks the skills necessary to sell and run a business.  New ideas can help a business thrives. Therefore, this individual has an important skill, and probably should develop implementation skills or seek the help of someone who can take the ideas and produce product or services.
  6. Fact Finders. Fact finders research their business idea before making any decisions. They are constantly questioning things to find an answer, and they will not make a decision until their questions are sufficiently answered.
  7. Doers. Doers love working with their hands and find pleasure in fixing and building things. They have an inventive personality and are always trying to improve whatever they are working on. They do well in an environment that offers them hand on activities.
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