Types Of Fish To Catch

There are a wide variety of types of fish to catch and pursue, depending on your area. Whether you’re looking at taking a trip to pursue your favorite game fish or considering fishing local waters, knowing the types of fish in your area will help you in your pursuit of catching fish. Fishing can be a very relaxing activity that you can share with your friends, co-workers, and especially your family.

  1. “Pan fish” One type of fish that anglers can pursue is pan fish. Pan fish are fun to catch, can be caught in numerous quantities, and fight like no other. Some of the more popular types of pan fish include bluegill, perch, and crappie. Pan fish are found in almost every area and are really fun to catch!
  2. “Bass” Another popular type of game fish are bass. Bass are challenging to catch because they’re a predatory fish that feed on smaller fish. Different types of bass include smallmouth, largemouth, and stripers. Each of these different types of bass offer their own unique challenges. Luckily, bass are usually common in most areas and are great to fish for.
  3. “Esox” One type of fish that’s both very challenging to catch but grow to enormous sizes are esox. Esox is the category of fish that include Northern Pike, Muskies, and Tiger Muskies. Esox are ferocious because they feed on smaller fish such as suckers and pan fish. While they’re extremely challenging to catch, an esox is certainly a predatory fish that you need to experience!
  4. “Game fish” If you’re interested in pursuing other game fish that don’t fit into the first three categories, then you’ve come to the right place. Some other game fish that are fun to fish for include walleye, catfish, and various types of trout including brooks, golden, and rainbow trout. These types of fish require a special type of equipment that will help you to catch these aggressive game fish!
  5. “Non-game fish” There’s also a wide variety of non-game fish in your local streams, lakes and rivers that are great to fish for. Some of these non-game fish include drum, carp, gar, and suckers. While these fish may not be commercially aesthetic as game fish, they’re still extremely fun to catch.
  6. “Saltwate fish” Finally, saltwater fish are some of the biggest, meanest, and most fun types of fish to pursue. There’s a variety of fish to pursue in saltwater areas such as tuna, sharks, barracuda, and dolphins. Saltwater fishing is not only fun but offers great family fun!
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