Types Of Fishing Reels

Looking for information on the different types of fishing reels? Many people do not realize that there are actually four different types of fishing reels out there. These types are baitcast, spincast, fly and spinning. Below you will find an overview of each type of reel, as well as when to use it. It is important that you know that you will need to use a different fishing rod for each type of fishing reel that is available.

  1. Spinning. It is very easy to determine what reel is a spinning reel. Spinning fishing reels are often referred to as open-face fishing reels. The reason for that is the fact that spinning fishing reels do not feature a cover over the fishing line. You will want to use a spinning fishing reel and rod when you need to cast long distances at a rapid pace.
  2. Baitcasting. You should only be using a baitcasting fishing reel and rod if you are an experienced fisherman because they can be hard to cast. With a baitcasting reel, the spool that holds the line on the reel will actually turn as you cast. Like a spinning reel, the baitcasting fishing reel is mounted on top of the fishing rod.
  3. Fly. The third type of fishing reel is the fly reel. Fly fishing is like no other kind of fishing. When it comes the fly fishing, the reel only serves one purpose and that purpose is to store the line. When you are using a spincasting or baitcasting line, you will have a lure or piece of bait attached to the line to help you cast it. You will not be using either of those when you are fly fishing, as you will simply be casting a line that has a fishing fly attached to it.
  4. Spincasting. You will generally using a spincasting fishing rod and reel when you are fishing for different types of panfish, such as crappie and bluegill. The spincasting rod features a straight handle and small line guides. The spincasting fishing reel mounts on top of the rod and the fishing line comes out of a small hole that is located on the front of the reel.



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