Types Of Male Contraceptives

Curious about the types of male contraceptives? There are many different types of contraceptives for men to use during sexual intercourse. Some contraceptive types will provide a significant amount of protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, while others will only provide a slimmer amount of protection. These different types of contraceptives can be purchased in drug stores, online and in local department stores. Some contraceptives come in an assortment of colors and sizes. Individuals should choose contraceptives that do not contain any ingredients that they or their partner may be allergic to.

  1. Latex condoms. Latex condoms are usually the first choice for men when thinking of contraceptives. They are inexpensive and can be found at any store; this includes service stations and many restrooms at truck stops or convenient stores. Latex condoms can be purchased to fit many penis sizes, from small to extra large, and they can be purchase in many flavors and colors.
  2. Sheepskin condoms. Sheepskin is perfect for individuals who have allergic reactions to latex condoms. Sheepskin condoms are very thin and give individuals a more natural feeling. Some men enjoy having this natural feeling during sexual intercourse, and cannot get that with latex condoms, but with sheepskin they will not have this problem. The downfall to wearing sheepskin condoms is the protection against sexually transmitted disease is slim. Sheepskin condoms do not provide the same protection found with latex condoms.
  3. Withdrawal. Some males enjoy practicing the withdrawal method as a form of contraceptive. Withdrawal is usually done by removing the penis before ejaculation occurs during sexual intercourse. However, the failure rate of this method is relatively high. The higher rate is usually because pre-ejaculation occurs during sexual intimacy, and pregnancy can result even from this pre-ejaculation.
  4. Vasectomy.  A vasectomy is usually the most dreaded contraceptive form for males. But a vasectomy has the highest rate of effectiveness. This form of contraceptive requires a surgical procedure. The small tube that carries sperm from the testes to the urethra is surgically cut. This surgery is usually quite simple and does not take a long time to heal. Within several weeks, the urethra is usually free of all sperm cells, and the individual will be free to resume sexual activities as normal.
  5. Birth control pill for men. This form of contraceptive has been talked about and research has been underway to create a birth control pill for men. The pill would decrease the sperm count in men, and would be given in the form of a pill each month or implants in the arm for men.
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