Types Of Manicures

Looking for information about the different types of manicures? Many people are shocked when they visit a nail salon and they are presented with a list of the different types of manicures that are offered. Getting a manicure is a great way to clean and soften your hands. Manicures are actually increasing in popularity for men.

  1. Hot Oil Manicure. One of the most popular types of manicures for men is the hot oil manicure. During a hot oil manicure, hot oil will be applied to your hands. The hot oil helps to soften your cuticles. The hot oil manicure is recommended for men who have dry skin.
  2. Paraffin Manicure. A paraffin manicure involves placing heated wax on your skin. The wax is a natural moisturizing agent. Your nail technician will either place your hands into warm wax or gently massage the heated wax into your hands. Once the wax has formed a coating on your hands, your hands will be removed from the wax and covered in a towel for a bit. After 15 minutes or so, the towel will be removed and your nail technician will trim and shape your nails.
  3. Traditional Male Manicure. A traditional, or regular, male manicure will involve your nails being trimmed and cuticles removed. Depending on where you go, your nail technician might soften your hands and nails by placing them in warm, soapy water. After your hands have been soaked, your nails will be buffed and a moisturizing lotion will be applied to both of your hands.
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