Types Of Outercourse

If you're trying to learn about the different types of outercourse, you may come to find this information useful. Outercourse is the opposite of sexual intercourse; it is also known as dry sex or dry hump. Whereas sexual intercourse involves the two participants to perform through vaginal penetration, outercourse can be done completely without the need for removing your clothing. Rather, it is done over your clothing. It is perhaps known as one of the best safe sex methods in existence, not requiring the use of protection, such as condoms.

  1. Outercourse through masturbation. You could also label it as self-outercourse, but masturbation is indeed one method of outercourse entirely. This outercourse technique is perhaps the only one that just requires one participant. This is done by rubbing yourself through your clothes or by rubbing against something (i.e. a bed), thus creating pleasure from friction.
  2. Outercourse through dry sex (aka dry hump). This is perhaps the most widely known form of outercourse as it involves two participants and it is the closest type of outercourse that is easily identifiable to actual intercourse. The two participants engage in dry sex (or dry humping) by simply grinding or gyrating (usually at their pelvic/genital regions) against each other at a slow or quick pace.
  3. Outercourse through foreplay. The foreplay method of outercourse is perhaps the preferred pre-cursor to actual outercourse (aka dry hump or dry sex). Foreplay outercourse involves kissing, touching, massaging and fondling of body parts over your clothing. These physical interactions cause the result that is dry sex/dry hump outercourse in the same way that regular foreplay would lead up to intercourse.
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