Types Of Piercings

Many different types of piercings are available today. The human body has many places that are commonly pierced. When a part of the body is pierced, the body is modified by placing an opening in the body in the specific part. There are many different body parts people get pierced including facial piercings, body piercings, male genital piercings and female genital piercings.

  1. Eyebrow piercing. The eyebrow is a type of piercing that is very common today. This type of piercing became popular in the 1980s and these piercings are generally fairly easy to care for.
  2. Ear Piercing. Ear piercing is the most common type of piercing and generally heals quickly. A hole is placed through the skin of the ear. Many people choose to have several piercings in each ear.
  3. Lip Piercing. Lip piercing became popular in Africa and the popularity has grown throughout the world. A pierced lip offers a decorative appearance for those sporting this look.
  4. Tongue Piercing. A single pierce through the center of the tongue takes place in this type of piercing. This is one of the more difficult types of piercings as it pierces muscle tissue.
  5. Navel Piercing. A common type of body piercing is a navel piercing. The skin surrounding the navel is pierced during this type. These piercings generally hear quickly, but the healing may be delayed due to irritation of clothing rubbing against it.
  6. Nipple Piercing. During nipple piercing, a hole is placed at the base of the nipple and the jewelry is then inserted. These types of piercings take three to six months to heal.
  7. Foreskin Piercing. A male genital type of piercing commonly done is a foreskin piercing. During this type, a piercing is placed through the foreskin of the penis. This piercing typically heals fast and is fairly simple. To have this done, the man must be uncircumcised.
  8. Transscrotal Piercing. When this male genital piercing takes place, a body piercing is made through the scrotum from front to back typically. It is a very advanced type of piercing performed with a scalpel.
  9. Clitoris Piercing. A woman may choose to have a clitoris piercing. This piercing takes place through her clitoral hood and may be a vertical or horizontal piercing.
  10. Labia Piercing. Another female genital piercing type is a labia piercing. It is placed either through the labia minora or labia majora. It is usually a relatively simple type of piercing for women.
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