Types Of Retro Clothing Styles

There are all types of retro clothing styles. Retro fashion is vintage, outdated, aged clothes of the past that are back in style and can be worn again in this day and age. The retro era commonly exists of the 50’s through 80’s and details all the bits and pieces of those decades. Bohemian chic for example or funky disco attire. Retro fashion is a way of spanning time and retrieving unique pieces that express your own personal self and looking good of course.

  1. Hippie – The hippie flower power, peace loving fashion is a slightly retro way of dressing. Try a leather vets with the fringe and some tunics. Tweed and corduroy trouser suits are also a great 60’s inspired retro look.
  2. Bohemian – Similar to a hippie fashion, retro-bohemian clothing is very comfy and freeing. Try some black jeans, suit jackets, scarves, baggy sweaters and lots of layering. When in doubt, just throw on a lot of clothes and call it retro bohemian.
  3. Disco – When you think of disco think psychedelic patterns dude. Leisure suits with bell bottoms, big collars and patterns that don’t seem to match, yet some how make an outfit. Lots of polyester, corduroy, tweed, beads and funky colors.
  4. Rock – By wearing rock band t-shirts you can never go wrong. Any band will do, but some vintage bands like The Who are better.
  5. '40s and '50s – The “zoot suit” with it's big shoulders, baggy leg and tapered ankle, made it big during this time and is a great retro look, but only for the right occasion. Try more of the Hawaiian collar shirts with lots of color and flowers or letterman jackets for any occasion. For more inspiration dressing '40s and '50s retro, look to the film stars of this time.
  6. Indie – Sweaters over shirts and ties, suits with tennis shoes, black jeans and fedoras are all staples of a retro indie fashion style.
  7. Laid-back '80s – To get a retro '80s look just watch some Miami Vice or Magnum P.I. reruns. Don Johnson’s white suits with a colored shirt and slicked back hair is a good retro look for almost any occasion. Penny loafers and lots of pastel colors will pull of your look.
  8. Mod – This is another 60’s era fashion that has hit it big once again and made a breakthrough into retro fashion. Slim fit shirts, polo shirts, slim fit ties, knitwear and scarves, can all add a distinct flair to a retro outfit.
  9. T-Bird Fashion – Everyone knows Danny from Grease, who could ever forget those T-Birds with their leather jackets, white t-shirts with cigarettes rolled in the sleeves and that greased up hair? Any part of their look is retro, especially the leather jackets. You can pair the leather with anything and grease your hair a little and become an instant poster-boy for retro fashion.
  10. Workout clothes – Ripped off sweaters, nylon sweat-suits and comfy clothes that match are very retro. Leg warmers were not just for women either, so try wearing them under boots and over jeans for a warmer winter look that’s very layered.
Just Remember:
  • You can’t go wrong with any vintage inspired fashion from the '40s to the '80s to get the perfect type of retro style.
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