Types Of Sex

When it comes to sexual pleasure, you may come to find that there are many different types of sex from which to derive a pleasurable experience from. Sex can be enjoyed in a variety of ways which range from orally, anally (well, for some people, that is), to basic vaginal penetration for starters. Sex can even be enjoyed in a way that doesn't even require both partners to take off each other's clothes. Some people (mostly women, rather) can even achieve orgasm just by thinking about someone or some specific type of fantasy.

The most well-known type of sex is vaginal intercourse, of course, which is known all around the world. Following behind in a close second is oral sex. This type of sex is where a woman performs fellatalio on a man or when a man performs cunnilingus on a woman. A good variation of oral sex is what's known as the 69 sex position where both parties are performing oral sex on each other simultaneously. On the other hand, anal sex is perhaps the most controversial of them all; this is due in part to the many health concerns and its use by homosexuals especially. 

Other types of sex include tantric sex which is where the release of the orgasm is delayed a few times, thus resulting in a mass of sexual build-up and frustration, leading up to an explosive orgasm. This delay is accomplished by stopping all sexual activity and movement just before the brink of orgasm, letting both partners cool off temporarily, and then it is resumed. However, tantric sex is mostly beneficial for males as they can prolong both their pleasure as well as the pleasure of the female partner. One of the most interesting types of sex would have to be dry sex. In dry sex, neither partner must remove their clothes as it is a form of 'dry hump', so to speak. While this type of sex is enjoyable, it does take longer to achieve orgasm.

To take dry sex one step further is what can only be referred to as 'mind' sex. Of all the various types of sex, this form of sex only requires one person alone with their wild imagination. There is no touching involved, it's all about fantasizing in one's mind. The solo participant may also use certain stimulants, if he chooses to, such as a particular scent (i.e. worn panties laid upon their face) or bondage (i.e. fantasizing while restrained to a bed). The many types of sex-be it oral, anal, dry, tantric or vaginal-are quite enjoyable nonetheless, despite their differences and disadvantages (i.e. the level of difficulty of achieving orgasm through dry sex and mind sex). 

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