Types Of Spiders

Out of all the pets that people keep today, the many different types of spiders that top the list are one of the most controversial choices out of the bunch – you either hate them with a passion, or are fascinated by their every move. Here are some of the neatest types of spiders to keep as pets, ordered from the beginner species to the more advanced. 

  1. Chilean Rose Hair. Rosie’s are one of the staple types of spiders in the pet industry, and often serve as a gateway species to the rest of them. They are one of the most popular beginner tarantulas that people keep due to their docile nature, medium size, and pinkish hue.
  2. Orb Weaver. There are hundreds of different types of spiders in the Orb Weaver family, and they can be found in almost everyone’s backyard. Orb Weavers account for some of the neatest looking spiders because of their often bright colors and weird body shapes – some of them even have spikes!
  3. Wolf spider. Out of all the different types of spiders listed here, this is probably the coolest species to watch eat. They have a ravenous appetite, and they don’t create a web that will obscure the view into their tank. You also don’t have to worry about these guys climbing glass.
  4. Trap-door Spider. Even though you won’t see them very often when kept in a proper set up due to their reclusive nature, Trap-door Spiders are like tarantulas on steroids – really beefy in appearance, with an impressive appetite to boot. They are not a suitable species of spider for handling.
  5. Goliath Birdeater. If you’re a more advanced keeper who’s ready to tackle a true challenge in humility, the Goliath Birdeater is one of the largest types of spiders that you can get – adults can reach the size of a dinner plate! However, some people cannot keep them because they are allergic to their urticating hairs, which they brush off their abdomen quite readily.

Whether you’re interested in them out of a morbid curiosity, or you’re genuinely intrigued by the diverse range of colors and behaviors that they exhibit, there are so many types of spiders out there to choose from. In truth, they are probably one of the easiest, maintenance free pets you could have – their food costs ten cents or less, they don’t want to sit on your lap, and you can still go on vacation without hiring a spider-sitter for the week! 



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