Types Of Testicular Cancer

Need to know the types of testicular cancer? There are essentially two types of testicular cancer, which are further subdivided according to the nature of the tumor found. Discovering which type of testicular cancer you have early on can greatly increase the success of your treatment options.

  1. Germ Cell Tumors. More than 95 percent of the types of testicular cancer diagnosed fall into the category of germ cell tumors. These can include precursor legions, such as Intratubular germ cell neoplasia; pure forms, or tumors of one histologic type, such as seminoma; mixed forms, or tumors of more than one histologic type, such as Embryonal carcinoma and teratoma.
  2. Sex cord/Gonadal stromal tumors. Approximately 5 percent of all types of testicular cancer fall into this category. These tumors include the Leydig cell tumor and the Sertoli cell tumor. In addition, it includes the granulosa cell tumor, which falls in two types of testicular cancer: juvenile and adult.


  • Symptoms. All types of testicular cancer can be detected through such symptoms as a feeling of heaviness and pain in the scrotum, a lump in one of the testes, the swelling of the breasts, pain in your lower back and a feeling of sharp pain in the lower abdomen. In addition, many types of testicular cancer reveal themselves in respiratory problems, such as shortness of breath, heavy coughing or even coughing up blood.
  • Treatment. Both types of testicular cancer can be treated through chemotherapy. The method has a success rate of 85 percent, making testicular cancer one of the more optimistic cancers in terms of recovery rates.



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