Types Of Western Clothing For Men

The different types of western clothing for men are numerous, many available in both vintage versions and modern adaptations of previous styles. From jeans to hats to jackets, the following list of 10 types of western clothing for men should have something for every man wanting to incorporate the western style into his wardrobe!

  1. Cowboy boots. This western clothing staple is likely the most obvious of the list, but is also one of the most popular. Whether you want brown or black leather, rattlesnake or embossed southwestern designs, there are plenty of varieties to choose from for every budget and taste.
  2. Cowboy hats. Go-to western clothing items for men include the infamous cowboy hat, featuring name brands and designer lines along with simpler models. Available in countless colors and many designs, a cowboy hat can be as personalized as you want without losing that western element.
  3. Belt buckles. The western clothing cliché demands large—and often unsightly—belt buckles with any type of southwestern or cowboy insignia, but modern (and some vintage) belt buckles can be a true fashion accessory. The added benefit of being functional and fashionable makes them a must-have for many fans of western style.
  4. Leather vests. Although usually more limited on fringe elements than female vests, western clothing options for men include some sort of leather vest, ranging from faun to black leather. Many leather vests feature additional embellishments, such as metal studs or embossed designs, allowing you to customize your item entirely.
  5. Classic jeans. There are a number of famous brands of jeans that are characteristic of a western style of clothing for men. Rugged, distressed and standard blue relaxed-fit jeans are a great complement to any wardrobe, lending an authentic and comfortable look.
  6. Denim long-sleeved shirts. Long-sleeved shirts made from denim, especially standard blue and black varieties, are a very popular item of western clothing for men. Whether you roll up the sleeves, add a layer of desert debris or wear the shirt freshly pressed, this option can lend western elements to any wardrobe, especially paired with the other western clothing options.
  7. Southwestern print shirts. Perhaps the easiest way to lend a southwestern feel to your ensemble through is a shirt featuring a western print. Horseshoes, cacti, rodeo symbols and tumbleweeds are just a few options for designs available in western print shirts for men.
  8. Double string ties. Straight out of Hollywood Westerns, the double string tie lends an immediate air of 1800s charm to any wardrobe. This men's western clothing item belongs on “Doc Holiday” and other famous characters, and the twin lengths can be satin, silk or any other formal material to lend extra charm.
  9. Flannel print shirts. No list of western clothing for men could be complete without the mention of flannel print shirts. Versatile and practical, flannel clothing is rugged and outdoorsy with an authentic western touch, and is especially nice for the chillier months out on the range!
  10. Duster coats. Originally linen or canvas, these western garments are perfect for anyone trying to incorporate an authentic western look into his wardrobe. Designed to prevent horsemen from covering their clothing in dust on the trail, these trench coat-like jackets are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics.
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