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If you are looking to improve your typing and don't have a lot to spend, then  you'll want to learn about all the typing games for free. The internet is a great resource for finding typing games for free. The websites compiled here will provide you with great games, whether you are a raw beginner, or are just looking to polish your skills and increase your speed.

  1. Learning Games for Kids. As the name implies, these typing games are great for beginners. There's a very nice selection of typing games for free here that will help you build from single letters on home row to typing whole paragraphs. The games are fun and the graphics are pretty good. There's enough here to keep you typing for quite a while.
  2. FreeTypingGame.net. There's a nice selection of typing games for free at this site. Some are a bit  dull and repetitive,  but the versions of arcade classics like "Space Bar Invaders" and "Meteor Typing Blast" are enough fun to make you forget you are learning.
  3. OnlyTypingGames.com. You'll see some typing games for free  from the other sites here, but there are also some new faces in the crown. The "Fowl Words" games are great as they take the focus off of just typing for a while and allow you to stretch your mental capacity in creating words from a set of letters. Worth a stop.
  4. TypingTest.com. This site has a only a few typing games for free, ("KeyMan" is a fun twist on a classic.) The nice thing about this site is that it's a bit more geared towards those who want to type professionally, so there are timed tests and other practice tools available as well.
  5. Sense-Lang.org. Just when you think you've seen all they typing games out there, this website brings you a fresh crop of typing games for free. The site has a nice format. Like the Learning Games for Kids site, it has a nice set of games that take you from single letters to sentences, and it also offers some timed tests at the bottom.

    No matter what your typing level, there's a typing game for free to help you improve it. And with so many to pick from, you can keep improving for a long time. So sit back, find a game you enjoy, and get typing!

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