UCLA Cheerleaders

UCLA might not be your favorite team by choice, but UCLA cheerleaders make them hard not to root for. Each of the beautiful girls tried out for the team and made it when entering they college. Many of them enjoy what they do and hope you enjoy their routines, too. When they are not cheering, they have side jobs and hobbies that can keep them pretty busy. Not to mention school work.

  1. Brianna She is a proud sophomore member of the Bruins cheer squad. She loves Diddy Riese cookies and roots for the Green Bay Packers. She is dedicated to both cheering and her studies.
  2. Jennifer She loves movies and hopes to have a family one day. She was never a cheerleader before she joined UCLA, but she quickly fell in love with cheering. She loves to read and travel on her spare time.
  3. Elise She is a sophomore pre-med student at UCLA who loves cookies and sports. She loves dancing to pop music and enjoys learning new things. She hates not having a date and prefers to study physics since it's interesting.
  4. Lisa She studies world arts and cultures and loves taking physics classes. She loves watching "Sex in the City" and basketball is her all-time favorite sport. She loves ordering out late at night and sleeping in. She has an unfortunate dating history and hopes that it will get better soon.
  5. Chelsea She loves reading about world records and enjoys sushi and the beach. She has sisters she loves to hang out with and has kitties that she would do anything for. She wants to have an adventurous and exciting life with family.
  6. Kayla She is going to UCLA for neuroscience and enjoys movies and books in her spare time. Not only that, but she enjoys going to Cosmic Bowling on Friday nights. She always has her cell phone with her and wants to visit Fiji someday.
  7. Kelly She is very into "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" and she enjoys spending time with friends and getting the most from her experience at UCLA. She always has her iPod with her since she enjoys music.
  8. Melissa She chose environmental science as her major and wouldn’t want it any other way. She didn’t think she was going to make the squad and was thrilled when she found out that she did. She wants to visit Italy some day.
  9. Roxanne She is going to UCLA to study bioengineering. She loves comedy movies and cuddling on the couch with a large blanket. She would take her computer with her if she ever was to leave. She wants to be married and have a successful career in ten years.
  10. Sarah She loves all music besides heavy metal and enjoys psychology. She loves the TV show "Friends" and having dinner with her friends. She wants to someday backpack through Europe. 
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