UFC Wrestling Moves

UFC has recently risen to the ranks of one of the most favorite sports of men 13 to 30, and you can hardly blame them because this game features the most awesome UFC wrestling moves. UFC moves need a lot of strength and dexterity, so most of them are pretty impressive, so here is five of what we think are the best UFC wrestling moves around.

  1. Rear Naked Choke. Don’t laugh. This move could kill you. Seriously. Usually, the UFC fighter does this move on his back, with his opponent facing away from him. He’ll wrap one arm around his opponent’s neck, his forearm pushing against one side and his bicep against the other. Then, the fighter’s other arm will push against the back of his opponent’s meaty head and he’ll lock his feet against the other guy’s flanks and expands his chest until the poor, hapless opponent taps out or “goes to sleep”—meaning he passes out. This choke hold pinches the carotid arteries in the fighter’s windpipe, which give oxygen and blood to the head. It’s deadly. In the world of WWE, this wrestling move is called the “Sleeper Hold.”
  2. Kimura. This wrestling move used in the UFC was named after Masahiko Kimura, a legend in the judo style of martial arts. You have to grab the opponent’s hand or wrist, open your guard and rotate to the side. Then reach over to your opponent’s arm that you’re holding, grab your own wrist and start pushing the other guy away from your body, moving it to your head. This lock serves to hyper rotate the shoulder. It’s a great submission move.
  3. The Arm Bar. This UFC move was designed to hyperextend the arm. You see this submission lock in the ring a lot. All you have to do is trap your opponent’s arm by pulling it between your legs. Then, you arch your hips and lean back, which puts pressure on the other guy’s elbow. If you’ve ever had your ligaments torn you will know that that is very, very painful. Like "I-see-stars-like-in-the-cartoons" kind of painful, making this move very effective.
  4. The Ankle Pick. An easy, basic, but painful wrestling move used in the UFC tournaments. All you have to do is grab your opponent’s ankle (using your left hand for the right leg or the right hand for the left leg). Then you lift upwards to their waist. The other guy will fall flat on his back if you do it right, letting you gain the upper hand or even go for a pin.
  5. Single Leg Takedown. It’s simple and it’s effective. It has many variations. You want to drop levels to shoot at your opponent’s strong leg. Once you have it, you want to pull the leg towards your chest and hug it tightly. Then you want to turn at an angle to put the other guy off balance and slam him to the ground to get side control. This also hurts like hell. Don’t try this at home. In fact, don’t try any of these at home.
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