The Ultimate Guide To Fellatio

This ultimate guide to fellatio includes tips and advice on pleasing your man perfectly every time. Fellatio can be enjoyable when done well, knowing that you are giving your partner pleasure and that he will return the favor with gusto. Far from being a chore or even a “job,” fellatio is something you can make into an art form, making sure that you have him at your mercy every time you get down to business.

  1. Start slowly. The ultimate guide to fellatio starts off by telling you to start slowly. You want to build anticipation in your partner and have him begging you to get started. Lightly kiss and lick his shaft up and down, playing close attention to the underside of the head of his penis. If he’s not already hard he will soon be so, allowing you to lick him all over before you actually take him into your mouth.
  2. Don’t let your hands be idle. Your mouth is the feature player in this endeavor, but the ultimate guide to fellatio directs you to not forgot your other two very important features—your hands. To keep your mouth from getting too tired, you can pull away and stroke him for awhile. In addition, let your hands roam his body, focusing on gently squeezing his balls, of course, and sliding over his abdomen, pinching his nipples, if that’s something he likes.
  3. The slipperier the better. You need to get his shaft very nice and lubricated, according to the ultimate guide to fellatio. Let the spit flow and make this a sloppy experience. For one thing, it will help you as you slide your lips up and down, decreasing friction and keeping you from getting tired too soon. For another, it provides great lubrication when you grab it and stroke it with your hand. In addition, all that slipperyness will feel great to him.
  4. As far down as you can go. Deepthroating is an age-old technique, made a household word from a classic 1970’s porn flick. This act, of taking your partner’s member the whole way into your mouth, taking your lips down to the very base, is not easy for everyone. It will depend on your gag reflex and his size, of course. But the ultimate guide to fellatio dictates that you at least try going as far down as you can. The deeper in it goes, the better it feels to him, and it will turn him on that you’re trying so hard to swallow him down completely.
  5. Finish how he wants you to finish. Every guy in the world wants a blow job to finish by blowing his stack in his partner’s mouth. The ultimate guide to fellatio says that you should have the courage to at least give this a try, if you don’t do it already. It is a very sexy experience for him and lets him know that he is with a naughty girl willing to please him however she can. Alternatively, he might like to see it squirt on your face, something you can try if you’re not big on the idea of swallowing.
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