Ultimate Sex Guide

The ultimate sex guide involves some very basic things to keep in mind that anyone can master. Being a good lover requires you to be sensual and unselfish, creative and energetic. Men want to be good at sex, and achieving this will make sure the women in your life come back again and again.

  1. Make it all about her. The ultimate sex guide will tell you that when you get in the bedroom you should make it all about your lover. Yes, of course YOU want to be satisfied, but if you go into bed with your one goal of satisfying her, she will know this, appreciate it, and reciprocate gladly. Plus, you’ll find this unselfish attitude will actually be very rewarding.
  2. Be creative in bed. Part of the ultimate sex guide is to keep things fresh and new, using your creativity. If you do the same old thing over and over, not varying from missionary position, your partner is going to kick you out before you know it. Tap into your creativity and suggest new positions, new activities, new locations, and such things like spanking and role playing.
  3. Lose your inhibitions. Part of being creative is losing your inhibitions. The ultimate sex guide advises to be wild and crazy, and this means being without any hangups or reservations at all. Be willing to anything your partner suggests, and you can bring up new and bizarre things, even if they are at the extreme of kink. The worst that can happen is that you’ll find out you won’t like it – on the other hand, you might open up whole new sexual worlds.
  4. Become an oral master. One of the great joys of sexual interactions is oral sex, both for man and woman. Just as much as you like blow jobs, she also likes being orally satisfied, and the ultimate sex guide dictates that you become an expert at pleasing her with your mouth. If you can get her off with skill using your tongue, you’ll guarantee that she will keep you around for a long time, and that she will reciprocate ever so generously.
  5. Stay in good shape. Being a good lover requires in part that you are able to go and go and go…and go some more. An ultimate sex guide says that you stay in good shape and work on your cardio so that you won’t stop until your partner is 100 percent satisfied. Staying fit will also help you look good, making you feel good about yourself and being more attractive to your partner.
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