Ultrasound Technician Salary

An ultrasound technician salary varies according to a number of factors. These include education, job experience, workplace type and specialization within the ultrasound imaging field. Sonography is a very diverse field, so ultrasound technicians will have varying salaries. 

The average salary of an ultrasound technician in the USA as of February, 2011 is between $44,662.00 and $65,077 per year. An entry level ultrasound technician can often expect a salary of about $19.00 per hour. 

Again, this depends on training. You will need at least two years of training in an accredited sonography program. Four years of ultrasound training will win you an even bigger salary. You can learn a specialization within the ultrasound technician field in four years at an accredited medical institute or at a college or university. 

Ultrasound technicians are part of a subfield of radiology. There are also many subfields of ultrasound that ultrasound technicians specialize in. Each subfield can have a different average salary. You can specialize in ob/gyn, opthalmology, neurosonology and other subfields for different parts of the body. 

Work environment also effects an ultrasound technician's salary. You can work in a hospital, a medical imaging center, a doctor's office or in a diagnostic center. Each of these environments may pay ultrasound technicians different salaries. 

Ultrasound technicians are in high demand because of the increasingly popular use of ultrasound in the medical profession. People will always go to the doctor, so ultrasound technicians may enjoy a high degree of job security. This is another good reason, aside from a good salary, to become an ultrasound technician. 

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