Unblock Facebook At Work

In order to hamper your productivity as much as possible, you’ll need to learn how to unblock Facebook at work. Much to the chagrin of middle management across the country, Facebook has sapped countless hours of work from normally dutiful employees. In response, those managers began to block sites such as Facebook at work. But, luckily for the actively social networking employee, there are ways around those loathsome restrictions. With any of the following methods, you can unblock Facebook at work and get back to aimlessly browsing your friends’ photos instead of, you know, working on that big report you’ll be presenting in a couple of days.

You will need one of the following: 

  • proxy server
  • proxy website
  • Opera or another web browser simulator
  1. Use a proxy server. Without getting too in depth, a proxy server is essentially an intermediary between your computer and the server of the website you’re trying to access. By using one, you can circumvent the restrictions on your work server, unblocking sites like Facebook. To use one, you’ll first need to find a valid proxy. Many are typically available for free, and can be found using a search engine. When you have one, go to your internet browser’s settings, then “Internet options”, and finally the “Connections” tab. From there, click on the “LAN Settings” button. A dialogue box will appear where you can check a “Use a proxy server” box. Check it, and then copy and paste the proxy you found in the area below. You’re now officially flying under the radar and should be able to access Facebook right from your work computer.
  2. Use a proxy website. This method for unblocking Facebook at work operates on the same principle that the above does, only it’s much less in depth. Many websites exist that act as proxies for your computer – without having to fiddle with internet settings. Simply use a search engine to find proxy websites that will allow you to access Facebook. It should be noted, however, that these sites are often monitored by your employer (especially if they’re a big company), and will stop working when they get popular or too widely used.
  3. Use a web browser simulator. By using a web browsing simulator as opposed to an actual browser, you may be able to sneak around the restrictions that work has put on your internet access. They’re typically found through major internet browsers’ own websites, offered as free demos. Opera, for instance, currently has a free demonstration up for the Mini version of its web browser. All you have to do is go to the simulator’s webpage and use it to type in Facebook’s web address. In most cases, the site will be completely unblocked and free to use. Just be sure to watch out for the boss. He will probably be looking over your shoulder sometime soon. 
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