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Looking for unblocked game sites? In schools today, kids have a whole host of assets we didn’t have just ten years ago, namely the high speed computers with internet access. However, the schools are wise to the ingenious teenager and blocked gaming sites, among many other commodities the internet has to offer, in order to keep their minds on what the teacher is saying. Not all of the gaming sites are blocked though. The following is a list of known game sites that aren’t blocked by 90 percent of the parental software that schools tend to use.

  1. Battleship, http://www.mtlsolutions.com/online-ship-battle.php: This is the classic we played when we were kids. “You sank my Battleship!“ There’s also a far better version made by Hasbro themselves, on the following page: http://host.exemplum.com/hasbro/battleship/battleship.htm.
  2. Solitaire, http://games.bradlis7.com/: Who doesn’t love a good game of Solitaire?
  3. Mahjongg Solitaire, http://www.mahjongg.ch/: This will kill that time that’s plaguing you. Hours have been evaporated with this game. As is the nature of the internet, here’s a far better version of the same thing: http://justmahjonggsolitaire.com/.
  4. Pacman, http://www.dan-dare.net/Dan%20Pacman/Dan%20Pacman.htm: That little yellow pie that loves eating pellets and blue ghosts is always up for a spin around the maze.
  5. Sudoku, http://www.saidwhat.co.uk/sudokus/: Do you want a little bit of a challenge? How about some logic and numbers placed strategically in squares? If you’re going to goof off in school, you might as well make it a mind expanding endeavor, and play some Sudoku.
  6. Game Ringer, http://www.gameringer.com: Maybe the above games aren’t doing it for you. There are always Flash games. They may look ugly 90 percent of the time, but there are some really good ones at this website.
  7. Game at School, http://www.gameatschool.com/: There’s an even better gaming site which even advertises as a site for gaming at school. On this site you can even play old classics like a Flash version of Mario Bros. and a Flash version of Sonic. 
  8. Games Not Blocked by School, http://gamesnotblockedbyschool.com/: This website can be very slow at times. The prevailing theory as to why it’s so slow is because it’s used by so many kids while at school. This one also has classic games such as Mario and Sonic, but it has some newer titles as well that are actually quite fun. It is also appropriately named.
  9. Addicting Games, http://www.addictinggames.com/: The last of our Flash game sites is a pretty large one and also has the best quality games out of the four mentioned above. The site only seems to take high quality Flash games like New Grounds, which is completely unblocked by parental software. The name indicates exactly what happens when playing the games they offer. They’re that fun.
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