Underage Nightclubs Near Sumner, Washington

Do you want to learn about underage nightclubs near Sumner, Washington? Depending on the states in which they are located, underage nightclubs can mean clubs that are intended for those 18 and under. These are usually referred to as “teen clubs.” These clubs sell no alcohol at all. In other states, such as Washington state, however, underage nightclubs can mean that patrons must be at least 18 to enter the venue itself. Once inside, wristbands, stamps and other identifiers are used to make sure that alcohol is not served to these people.

Further, some clubs have separate areas designated for those who cannot drink. These may be totally separate, with their own entertainment, or they may be constructed to where everyone, no matter what the age, can enjoy the same entertainment, but the wait staff is aware of who can and cannot be served alcohol. Sumner, Washington is located near Seattle, which makes it easy for Sumner residents and Seattle locals alike to enjoy the underage nightclubs that are available in that area. Four of them are listed below.


  1. Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. This is an underage nightclub that uses wristbands or other identifiers to distinguish underage patrons from those allowed to drink. However, everyone is in the same area, listening to cool jazz music. In fact, some of the people who frequent Dimitriou’s say that mingling with jazz lovers of different ages actually makes the experience more enjoyable.

  2. Vera Project. This venue is actually very unique. It is really several entertainment options in one location. It offers a theatre (for live performances), a small art gallery and other forms of entertainment, as well as a place for musical concerts. Because of this, the entire place is considered an “all-ages” establishment. Depending on what form of entertainment one is attending, say, for instance, one of the punk or indie rock shows that are often held there, identifiers are used to help wait staff know who can and cannot be served alcohol.

  3. Studio Seven. This is an underage nightclub that features rock-and-roll acts, particularly those that play earlier, more nostalgic forms of this type of music. Like Dimitriou’s, older and younger rock-and-roll fans may find themselves sharing their love for “that old time rock-and-roll."

  4. El Corazon. Rock/metal/punk music lovers, in the drinking age or between eighteen and 21 years old, will enjoy this underage nightclub. Again, identifiers are used to make sure that no alcohol is served to anyone under 21.



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