Understanding Women In Relationships

If you are having troubles with your relationships, you probably need to know how to understand women in relationships. There is no definitive strategy to understanding the woman in your life and your relationship, but there are some points you should definitely be knowledgeable about. Knowing these few points will at least get you a good start on your way to understanding that special woman in your relationship.

  1. Start by sitting down and having a conversation with her. There are some things you want to look out for when doing this. If you notice your woman getting annoyed when you say or joke about certain things, take this into account. Also identify what kinds of subjects are uncomfortable by reading not only what she says when she responds, but her body language. If you see her fold her arms or look away when you ask her about something, chances are she is feeling uncomfortable about it and you don’t want to press that issue for now!
  2. After you have identified what seems to annoy her, start to figure out what makes her more open to talk. If humor is what brings her out, break out your funny bone and use it to understand your woman. Lighthearted jokes are sure to lighten the mood and make her more willing to talk about certain things. Be on the watch for topics that seem to greatly interest her by paying attention to when she sits up and really gets into your conversation. This could come up to things like politic, music and TV shows.
  3. Now that you understand her a little more, watch your woman is when you first walk in. She doesn’t necessarily have to get up and run to kiss you, but she should definitely at least give you some kind of sweet acknowledgement that you have arrived. If you find she doesn’t do this a lot, you may have an issue or you may need to spice up your relationship a little more. If she does this on a normal basis but doesn’t one day, this is a big sign that something short-term may be wrong and you should ask her what is wrong.
  4. Be as understanding as you can while talking to your woman about her problems. While sometimes she may directly ask you for advice, only you can determine when the time is right to give advice and when it’s right to just listen. Sometimes people just need a sound board, so make sure not to sound like a desperate guru in training and just give her eye contact while she talks to you and offer up your view on things. Just be sure that she at least thinks you’re interested in what she’s saying!
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