Understanding Women

If you want to learn tips for understanding women, there is no need to read lengthy articles or in-depth analysis of the complexities of a woman’s hormones. Simply understanding basic phrases and their meanings will do a lot of good as you attempt to interact with the opposite sex.

  1. "Nothing." If she falls silent after a fight or a controversial conversation, you should be nervous. Women like to talk. If she is not talking, it’s for one of two reasons. She either doesn’t care enough about you anymore to fight or her emotions will explode when you least expect it. This basic word is crucial for understanding women.
  2. "Fine." This is her way of saying you are wrong and she wants you to shut up. Fine means she will be annoyed with you if anything comes out of your mouth. Woman deliver this word and don't want to hear anything else.
  3. "Go Ahead." There are two versions of "Go ahead." The sharp, sarcastic way is a dare you should absolutely pass on. A defeated and deflated "Go ahead" means she’s frustrated and doesn’t know what to do. This is a woman's dare.
  4. "That’s Okay." That’s okay means "Give me some time to decide how angry I am and how I want to punish you." If this phrase comes out of her mouth, be sure to tread the water very carefully. This is a woman's way of buying herself some time.
  5. "Whatever." This is a woman’s version of telling you to f*ck off.
  6. "Do we have to go?" She doesn’t want to go and will be annoyed if you make her. She will make you pay for making her annoyed. Understand this phrase and you will understand women.
  7. "Do I look fat?" Even if she does, don’t you dare say it. This is the ultimate test and your answer should always be “No, you look amazing." Women ask their best friends for the truth, not their boyfriends/husbands. She does not want to hear it from you.
  8. "Is she pretty?" She doesn’t want you to say yes, but she also doesn’t want you to lie. Its okay to acknowledge another woman’s beauty, as long as at the same time you say how much prettier your woman is.
  9. "Are you wearing that?" means "Go change immediately." Depending on the tone of her voice/level of disgust on her face, you might just want to get rid of your outfit all together. You woman wants you to change.
  10. "Are you telling the truth?" She already thinks you are lying. Proceed carefully. She is testing you and wants to see you try and work your way out of the hole. Your woman has put you on thin ice.
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