Underwater Swimming Technique

Using a good underwater swimming technique will make any water sport more exciting. It's the closest thing to floating in space. Swimming with your face mostly above water is fun, but underwater swimming is a lot more adventurous. You can explore under the water as much as you can on land. Below are some tactics that will help you achieve this challenging swimming technique.

  1. Work out to increase your stamina. Thanks to physics, the underwater swimming technique is a lot more strenuous than above-water swimming technique. Therefore, you will need to get into shape to achieve this swimming technique. Running several laps a day or riding your bike around the neighborhood will eventually give you the endurance to increase your underwater swimming distance.
  2. Use breathing exercises to better your lung capacity. You can have the physical ability to swim far underwater, but you will not achieve this swimming technique if you don't have strong lungs. Practice "bobs," bobbing your head underwater to blow bubbles. This should be done in a set of 30 and it is best to do this exercise every day. Another good breathing exercise is to hold your head underwater as long as you can. As time passes, your duration of underwater breath-holding should increase. Make sure you have someone with you when you do these breathing exercises.
  3. Learn how to dive well. Learning how to dive well will give you a good head-start underwater, literally. The farther below you begin your underwater swim, the less time and energy will be spent on trying to force your body downwards. To dive well, you need to be aware of your body. Stand tall, lift your arms above your head, and press your index fingers together. Make sure your hands, arms, head, torso, legs and feet go into the water, in that order. A proper dive looks like an arch. Anything else is not a proper dive and you will not go far underwater, and you will possibly suffer from discomfort. 
  4. Use the proper equipment. Wearing a wetsuit will improve your underwater swimming technique. A wetsuit will protect you from the elements, keeping you warmer, safer and more comfortable. Another thing to add to your underwater swimming arsenal is a good pair of swimming goggles. Be careful when you pick swimming goggles. Being able to see well will make this swimming technique easier, however the wrong type of goggles will decrease your vision even more. Make sure you buy goggles that allow you to see as far left and right as your eyes can move; and make sure you buy goggles that don't fog. Finally, if you want to go hardcore, purchase some swim fins.


Do not attempt the underwater swimming technique as a beginner. Underwater swimming is a more advanced swimming technique, for intermediate and expert swimmers.

It is strongly advised that you do this swimming technique in clear water, clear enough to see the bottom. To be safe, you need to see everything underwater, and for other people to see you down there also.

Do not perform this swimming technique when you are in a body of water by yourself. Swimming underwater is a risky activity; proper supervision will decrease your chances of drowning. You can experience shallow water blackout, which is fainting underwater due to a loss of oxygen. If you are not rescued in time, you will drown; it is imperative that you have another swimmer along.

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