Unreal Tournament 3 Extreme Physics Mod

The “Unreal Tournament 3” Extreme Physics mod is an expansion pack to enhance your gameplay and lust for virtual violence and destruction. Many would argue the run away hit series “Unreal Tournament” is over the top enough but not everyone is satisfied with factory installed mayhem. The “Unreal Tournament 3” Extreme Physics mod addresses this issue and gives players more of what they enjoy from the series. Doom.    

  1. What it does. The “Unreal Tournament 3” Extreme Physics mod basically gives you more. More weapons, more maps and more fun. It also tweaks the game environment by creating walls, floors and roofs you can now blow away. Some of the new weapons you will find in this Extreme Physics mod allow you to rip up debris and hurl it towards your target. Oh and a tornado. Yes, a tornado slowly destroys the environment as your projectile weapons are drawn into the maelstrom.
  2. Anger. Naturally some folks are not so happy about the “Unreal Tournament 3” Extreme Physics mod. Some are purists but most think it sucks and they could do better. A major criticism was framerate. This is not the Extreme Physics mod's problem though. This was often due to the user's computer components. One nice thing about the criticism the “Unreal Tournament 3” Extreme Physics mod received was that it spawned more mods. If you enjoy playing “Unreal Tournament 3”, the more the merrier.
  3. Where to get it. You can easily find the “Unreal Tournament 3” Extreme Physics mod anywhere online with a quick search. But it was released a few years ago so some links may not be active. If you are having trouble try sites like Softpedia.com.
  4. Requirements. To play this game, your computer has to have some decent guts. The most important thing you will need is a good physics card and a up to date physics driver. Also, the “Unreal Tournament 3” Extreme Physics mod is an expansion piece so you will have to have a copy of “Unreal Tournament 3”. Installing is easy because it uses windows installer.
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