Unreal Tournament 3 Mods PS3

Unique among console versions of the series, Unreal Tournament 3 mods PS3 includes mod support for adding user generated content to the game. Mods can add anything from new weapons and levels to entirely new modes and gameplay styles.

"Unreal Tournament" carries a long tradition of high quality user mods and customizations, a practice which carries into the active mod community for the third entry in the series. The PS3 version uses the same mod files as the PC game, and many mods you find online for use with "UT3" on PC will work on the console version as well. Keep in mind that while compatible, many mods were created with the PC in mind, so read over the creator's guidelines before downloading for additional compatibility and usability notes.

  1. To use a mod on the PS3 version of "Unreal Tournament 3," download it using the PS3's browser software and save it to a memory card or USB flash drive. Many content hosting sites have "UT3" mods for free download, including some dedicated specifically to the PS3 version such as Ut3Mod.com and UT3PS3Mods.com.
  2. Start "Unreal Tournament 3" once the mod download completes and select the "Community" option from the main menu.
  3. Open the "Mod Browser" and press the "Square" button to open the import menu.
  4. Navigate to the downloaded file and the game will automatically install the mod for use.
  5. Once installed, start the mod from the "My Content" menu. If you would rather use a PC for browsing, you can also download the mod files from a computer and transfer them to an external drive for use on the console.
  6. Gameplay with specific "UT3" mods vary, but they come in both multiplayer and single player varieties. Remember that each player needs a copy of the mod in order to connect to a multiplayer match. If a mod's not working correctly, you might have an outdated version of the game. Update to the 2.0 patch by starting the game while connected to the Playstation Network.
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