Unreal Tournament 3 PC Mods

To get the most out of Unreal Tournament 3, you need to try out some of these amazing Unreal Tournament 3 PC mods. The following PC mods add new features to the game, update the original game, and just make for a better experience all-around. While there is no doubt that we adore this game, we can only say that a great game is made even better with these Unreal Tournament 3 PC mods.

  1. Hellzauber. This Unreal Tournament 3 PC mod turns the game into a despotic landscape where humans are pitted against mutants in an all-out war. Expect epic clashes, new weapons, and some truly terrifying enemies in one of the best PC mods we've seen yet. For those who want a truly unique single-player experience, be sure to try this one out.
  2. Unreal Tournament 3 High Definition Remake. While Unreal Tournament 3 is one of the best PC shooters out there, it is a bit dated. This mod aims to remake all of the visuals in glorious high-definition for those visual connoisseurs out there. Glossy textures, higher pixels, and bombastic explosions are the name of the game in this incredible mod!
  3. Delusion. One of the most ambitious Unreal Tournament 3 PC mods, this takes the core game-play and throws it on its head. This turns Unreal Tournament 3 into a single-player psychological horror experience where players take control of one man in a mental institution where the patients' danger is only eclipsed by the internal demons with which they're struggling. Expect high-octane frights and bone-shaking chills in this incredible mod.
  4. Patient Zero. This awesome Unreal Tournament 3 PC mod puts the players in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are being greatly outnumbered by a mindless population infected with a ravenous virus. A fight for survival with almost no end in sight, this mod will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire experience. Fans of zombie films and horror shooters, be sure to download this mod!

While there are many Unreal Tournament 3 PC mods that simply give you new weapons, we've chosen these four because they represent taking the game in a new direction. Not that the game necessarily needs to be changed, but it's more refreshing than anything else to see a group of dedicated gamers trying something new with an already-outstanding PC gaming experience.

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