Unreal Tournament 3 Xbox 360 Mods

Unreal Tournament Xbox 360 mods were not easy to find when they first came out. Debates occurred over whether or not the developer would even support the user modifications to the game. Fortunately, the debate did not last long and several tools to make modifications to the game were announced. Read on to find out about cool, useful and fun Unreal Tournament Xbox 360 mods.

  1. Master Chief. The Master Chief is a popular first person shooter gaming icon and Unreal Tournament has a dedicated multiplayer fan base. If the standard Unreal tournament doesn't suit you, use this Xbox 360 Unreal Tournament mod to enter the world of Halo.
  2. Final Fantasy. What Unreal Tournament gamer hasn't wanted to snipe someone from 300 yards while looking like Sephiroth? Quite a few gamers probably have never considered this  option. For those who have, this mod allows a person to do just that. Mages of all colors are also included.
  3. The Mod Cooking Tool. A person who wants to make their own modifications to the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament needs this software for the PC. He also needs to know how to transfer files from the Xbox 360 to his personal computer. Because of the similarity of architectures between the Xbox 360 and the PC, this is not as difficult as it might sound. The Mod Cooking tool allows a user to make Unreal Tournament mods for many different systems.
  4. PhysX. Why gamers who play unrealistic games insist on having realistic physics is something of a mystery, but that's what the PhysX mod does for console systems. It allows Playstation 3 and Unreal Tournament players to experience the real fun of actual physics in their games. Using bullet trajectories that mirror real life patterns hinders uncoordinated gamers.
  5. Crysis Mod. The Unreal Tournament Xbox 360 mod offers cool renditions of the characters from the game Crysis. Mod designers have taken a few artistic liberties with the images, but the characters are still recognizable.

Although the Unreal Tournament Xbox 360 mods found focus mostly on character modifications, there are ones available that change the way the game plays or provide new maps. Xbox 360 mods are harder to find than the PC version, but a determined gamer can find them with a little digging.

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