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Unreal Tournament Mods are fairly easy to find but choosing what you want can be a real headache because these mods have literally spawned on the net.  It’s also easy to install as the how-to’s are usually included in the download pack. Simply download the .zip pack, extract these files to your computer, follow the instructions included to a tee, and you should be set to go.  After scouring the net for hours, here’s a shortlist of all-time best unreal tournament mods:

  1. ChaosUT.  Gear up yourself up with new weapons and more when you install this “Unreal Tournament” Mod.  By far, this mod is the most popular and was included with the “Game of the Year” game edition.
  2. Tactical Ops.  Formerly known as “SWAT,” this mod is similar to “Counterstrike” and has been one of the most appreciated mods for “Unreal Tournament.”  The developers released this as a stand-alone retail.  The Tactical Ops mod is best for players who are into real simulation games with real-life weapons.
  3. Rocket Arena: UT.  This “Unreal Tournament” mod is great for practicing your real combat skills in an almost real situation environment.  In the Rocket Arena: UT mod, players fight in one on one rounds (although a few maps allows two on two fight scenarios).  Players begin the game with 100 health, 100 armor, and all the weapons in the arsenal.   The main challenge here is that there are no items for additional health, weapons, or pickups in all levels. Now that makes “Unreal Tournament” more like a real one doesn’t it?
  4. Operation Na Pali.  The Operation Na Pali mod is basically a single-player mission pack.  It can be played in two modes: continuing your old mission and creating a new mission.  Bring your gaming experience a notch higher as you bask in the detailed landscapes of about 40 maps included in the story.  Best of all, in addition to intense fighting scenes, secrets are waiting to be unlocked.
  5. UT Community SDK.  The UT Community SDK mod is an open source mod which attempts to bring “Unreal Tournament” to the level of present multiplayer games.  Released in 2010, this mod is a high tech toolset/engine enhancement for retail UT which allows you to create anything you want.  What is sweet about the UT Community SDK is that it offers endless possibilities from boosting the render engine to enhancing gaming strategy and improving Unreal script features, and many more!
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