Unreal Tournament Mods

Easily one of the best online shooters ever, you cannot go far without playing some Unreal Tournament mods. Unreal Tournament revolutionized multi-player gaming forever, so it makes sense that the community made some amazing Unreal Tournament mods. Following are just some of the many Unreal Tournament mods that we feel everyone should give a tour or two. 

  1. Monster Hunt. One of the most classic Unreal Tournament mods, Monster Hunt pits a group of players against a swarm of bloodthirsty monsters. New maps, weapons, and player abilities are the name of the game while you and your friends take on the oncoming horde. This is one of the best Unreal Tournament mods because it emphasizes the aspects of teamwork and survival, something you rarely see in most online shooters.
  2. Universal Soldiers. This is an Unreal Tournament mod that aims to add some role-playing elements to this amazing shooter. Players will build character abilities through a number of different match types and killing various enemies, who will drop items that offer further stat boosts. For those who love role-playing games but need the fast-paced game-play of Unreal Tournament, consider checking out this mod!
  3. The Chosen One. Much like the previous entrant, this attempts to blend elements from Unreal Tournament with the best role-playing games. However, this game features a lot more exploration and quests instead of simple stat-boosting items. If you're a fan of games like Fallout and Oblivion, then this is one of the best mods for you!
  4. Food Fight. Admittedly, this is one of the silliest Unreal Tournament mods out there. At the same time, those are usually the best. This mod replaces all the deadliest weapons with a tamer, food-flinging arsenal. Laugh as you obliterate enemies with the "Salad Thrower" or the "Toastanator" in this hilarious mod!

These are but a few of the many Unreal Tournament mods out there. With a game that has a nearly limitless tool-set, you'll find a mod for almost anything. However, we feel that these mods do a great job either expanding the game into new realms or simply building on core features.

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