Uplifting Songs

Music that aims for our soul can be just as important as the music that smacks our ears around, and these 10 best uplifting songs give us a shoulder to lean on. Lyrics are the hybrid of music and words that whisper, speak and shout inside our hearts and brains. When the bad days hit like a sledgehammer, fire up some of these:

  1. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours": A song so great  you don't even need the added background that Stevie Wonder is a blind piano player. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" is an uplifting song that carries through every stage of love and life from the beginning to the end. The music does more than grab you, it gets entwined with you and makes the blues a thing of the past
  2. "Pacific Ocean Blue": The band "A" brings a driving, powerful song that evokes bonfires with friends as well as telling you to let go of the detritus and just live. "All I've got is best intentions" keeps the road ahead clear of angst and wants you to pay attention to the good in life. A true uplifting song is measured by how long lasting the effect is and "Pacific Ocean Blue" will stay with you along with whatever fate has charted for you.
  3. "Son's Gonna Rise": An undercurrent of movement within the music while it convinces you to keep one foot in front of the other. Citizen Cope makes "Son's Gonna Rise" an uplifting song that is a great anthem for the future. Whatever lays ahead there's got to be some good so don't give up,
  4. "My Hometown": Sometimes a band epitomizes happy, go lucky and Bowling for Soup is that band. Here they tackle the haters and the faithful in "My Hometown" and provide a song that is as uplifting as it is introspective. Shrug the dead weights off, keep your head up, and don't forget you have friends that think you're more than where you came from.
  5. "Classifieds": A song about the quest for friendship, love, and security. Hopeful but anxious, Bob Mould takes "Classifieds" and puts his search for something more into lyrics that sum up any venture into the online world. There is someone for everyone so let this uplifting song get you off the couch.
  6. "Girlfriend": Matthew Sweet can write lovelorn but when he tackles loveless he brings an uplifting take to the quest for that special someone. "I want to love somebody, I hear you need somebody to love" takes a simple notion and builds it up into a crescendo of soul searching and the task that lays in being able to call someone your girlfriend. "Girlfriend" breaks down what we're looking for and what we think everyone else needs.
  7. "Little L": Jamiroquai takes their grand tradition of building one hell of a music bed before the lyrics hit and before you know it your body is humming along at the same speed as your mouth. "Little L" takes an unbalanced relationship, examines it and keeps you wanting more. A great song that teaches about the scales of love and pushes you out the door to keep looking for something more.
  8. "Awesome": We all age, except for those cryogenic heads we guess. Ageing is tackled in "Awesome" as Veruca Salt moves into their late 20s and says goodbye with anticipation for the future and a delicious lack of mourning. A beautiful, uplifting song for any birthday that you might be dreading. Blow out the candles then blow everyone away with what's next.
  9. "Vancouver": Jeff Buckley sings, "We're where we belong, it should end here" and what more can you want then to relive that feeling? Anticipation and failure dance together but don't be fearful. Follow Buckley to "Vancouver" where your stumbling keeps you aware of the greatness that lies ahead.
  10. "Hell and High Water": Strong friendships make for an uplifting song. Awakening thoughts of your true friends and their loyalty as well as yours, "Hell and High Water" voices the feelings we keep quiet about. It might be time to quit being mute and make with the talking.
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