U.S. Forest Service Jobs

If you are a U.S. citizen looking for a job in a workplace as big and scenic as the Grand Canyon, then look no further than U. S. Forest Service jobs. One of the best kept secrets in the current dismal job market are the many and varied career openings in the U.S. Forest Service jobs domain. The opportunities are there just waiting to be plucked like plump, juicy grapes from the vine. Read on and see if you don’t agree that U.S. Forest Service jobs are ripe for the picking. 

  1. Park Ranger. This great U.S. Forest Service job has duties that could run the gamut from law enforcement to archeological research, fish and wildlife management to tour guide. A career as a park ranger for the U.S. Forest Service will never be dull. Do you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university, or one year of related experience and a two year associate degree? If, the answer is yes, this may be the job of your dream. The annual salary range is from $31,315 to $31,315, and the job announcement number is OCRT-025-5-PARK-DT. There are 100 openings across the country, from the past year alone.
  2. Botanist. Are you passionate about the conservation of plants about to go the way of the dinosaur? Is research into the effect of plant life on the planet’s ecological system a topic that interests you? Then, this job may grow on you. Education considerations for the job include a bachelor’s degree or higher in botany from an accredited college or university, or study of fundamental plant science that included at least 24 semester/36 quarter hours in botany. The annual salary range is from $31,315 to $74,628. The job announcement number is PERM-OCR-0430-57911-BOTA-DP. There are sixteen positions available across the U.S. going until the next year.        
  3. Visitor Services Information Assistant. For the person who enjoys interaction with the public, while at the same time working to ensure the smooth operation of an organization, this is a job that should be on your radar. Job duties include marketing, public relations, equipment inventory, and human resources support. A qualifying education background should include one year office and clerical experience, or two years post high school graduation. However, hiring guidelines allow for completion of two years of full-time course study at an accredited business, technical or junior college, or university as a substitute for experience. The annual salary range is from $27,990 to $40,706. The job announcement number is PERM-OCR-1001-45-VISINFOA-SS. There 100 openings for this position across the country until March of 2012.  
  4. Forester. The person that applies for the job of a forester has to have a special calling. The job duties entail preparation of reports describing timber sales, what timber sections can be cut, timber cutting methods, and selection of crews to do the cutting. A forester also has to manage timber sales and contracts. Educational qualifications include, but are not limited to, an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in forestry. The course study should include management of renewable resources, forest biology and forest resource management and inventory. The annual salary range is from $31,315 to $61,678.  The job announcement number is PERM-OCR-0460-579-FOR-DP, and is open until 2012. There are sixteen job openings for this position as well across the U.S.     
  5. Wildlife Biologist. Do you have an affinity for animal wildlife, and deep interests in its preservation? The U.S. Forest Service is looking for you to fill the sixteen job openings it has for a wildlife biologist. Your job duties will include evaluation and knowledgeable opinions on wildlife resource management, environmental and habitat impact studies. Minimum education requirements include, but are not limited to, an earned bachelor’s degree obtained from a four-year course study in biological science from an accredited college or university. The annual salary range is from $68,809 to $89,450. The job number is PERM-OCR-0486-12-WBIO-DP, and has been open since early this year. This position has promotion potential. 

The U.S. Forest Service jobs are available for qualified persons desiring an occupation that benefits them as well as the environment. Are you that person?



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