Use A Diving Knife Properly

It's imperative that you learn to use a diving knife properly before you head out on a scuba adventure. Many people think that diving knives are geared for some sort of offensive usage. On the contrary, diving knives are more of a tool to help you escape underwater entanglements. Dive knives are designed specifically to withstand the corrosion caused by being submersed in different water types for long periods of time. Some dive knives are designed for cutting things quickly as well. Again, it's more for quick escapes then defending yourself from, or attacking some underwater creature. Here's the proper way to use a scuba dive knife.

What you need:

  • dive knife
  • sheath
  1. Proper knife placement.  The first thing you need to know about properly utilizing your dive knife is attaching it to a readily accessible area on your body. Most people like to attach the knife on the opposite leg of your dominant hand. This makes it easier to get to the diving knife in a pinch. Attach the diving knife somewhere on your opposite leg that you can easily reach over and grab the knife if needed.
  2. It's not a weapon. The diving knife's main use is to get you out of trouble. And by trouble, it's meant some sort of hose entanglement. If you happen to get twisted while underwater, simply take your dive knife and use the serrated edge (if you have one) to slice your hoses free. Seriously, the dive knife is not to be used to defend against underwater life. So don't try. It's main purpose is to be used to get you out of trouble.
  3. Sheathing. This is very important. When you get into a situation where you actually need to utilize you knife, first of all you need to remain calm. Secondly, you need to be able to sheath and unsheath the diving knife as quickly as possible. Practice sheathing and unsheathing the knife before you head out on a real scuba dive.
  4. Other uses. Diving knives can be used as a collection tool. You can use the blade to cut samples of things to help you return them to dry land. You can also use the knife as a signaler in the water. When you bang the base of the handle on a hard surface underwater, it makes a blunt sound that your fellow divers can recognize.
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