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Are you wondering how to use Gmail for business purposes? Google has revitalized the way that people now check their email, calendars, contacts, and other things by just using the company's applications. And if a person is a user of Google's mobile operating system of the Android, their Google applications are right at hand. So with Google being so popular, is there a way to use Gmail for business purposes?

The answer to that is yes, by using Google Apps or Google Apps for Business. Much like Microsoft's own Office Suite, that is essentially what Google Apps – a suite of the popular Google programs such as Gmail, Google calendar, Google Docs, and even the Chrome Internet browser. There are two types of Google Apps – the regular suite or that of the business suite.

The regular Google Apps is free and allows for some of the features attributed to the suite and is free, while the business suite includes all features, including the Google video, for a very low price of either $50 a user (depending on the size of the business) for only the year.

If you just want to use Gmail for a business of one – such as for a freelancer or a self employed owner, set up is easy.

  1. First go to the main website for Gmail. The easiest link is that of or you can go to Google's main search site and select the link for mail.
  2. You'll be presented with a page to either sign in to an existing account or to sign up for one. You will be signing up for a new account.
  3. On the new account sign up page, you will enter in your information. One important factor is thus choosing your email address. To use Gmail for business reasons, you should either use the name of your company or your full name. For instance, if your name is John Smith and your company is JS Limited, possible addresses could be jsmith@gmail or jslimited@gmail. Gmail will tell you if you've chosen an address that is already taken; add in your middle initial or add a business title (like Inc or LLC) to the end of your business.
  4. You'll then choose a password, as well as an alternate email address in the case of an issue with your Gmail account.
  5. After you have agreed to Google's policy, you can click create account and you will then have an email account with Google.

The good thing about using Gmail for business is that with that one account, you now have access to all of Google's other products, such as calendar and docs. As a business person, you can utilize all of Google's products together, ensuring that you stay connected and up to date with your business and contacts.

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