Use Lane Arrows In Bowling

Learning how to use lane arrows in bowling is the easiest way to improve your score. Sometimes these arrows are called 'dovetails'. Although most bowlers use the set up of the pins as a point of reference for aiming, aiming by using the lane arrows is easier. This is because the lane arrows are much closer to the bowler than the pins. Learning how to use lane arrows takes a little time and effort, but in the end it is worth it.

To learn how to use lane arrows in bowling, you will need:

  • a standard bowling lane
  • a bowling ball
  1. Learn how to number the lane arrows used in bowling. If you are a right-handed bowler, the arrows are numbered right to left. If you are left handed, the dovetail order is reversed
  2. In order to use the lane arrows to improve your game, you need to determine what type of bowler you are. Is your release, straight, slightly hooked or very hooked?
  3. For bowlers with a straight release aim for the second arrow. The bowler should stand in the center of the lane and the ball should move over the second arrow slightly angled towards the pocket.
  4. Bowlers that prefer a slightly hooked release should stand well to the right (or left) of the middle arrow. The released bowl should move over the second arrow with much more of a curving motion than a straight release bowler.
  5. Bowlers that have a very hooked shot should also aim for the second arrow. These types of bowlers need to stand the the extreme side of the lane, the same side as the bowling ball is released on. This will allow the proper angle for severe hooks.
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