Use Livestrong Calorie Counter

Learning how to use Livestrong Calorie Counter will help users manage their diets and live a healthier life. The Livestrong Calorie Counter helps users track their daily calorie intake and exercise with the goals of weight management. It also has an online journal of 600,000 healthy food items.

What you will need:

  • The Livestrong Calorie Counter is available on Apple’s and Blackberry App Store so you will need a suitable device that can download this app.
  1. Upon launching the app, you will need to create an account by entering your email log-in and password. If you have already created one, then you can just log in to start using the app.
  2. After logging in, it is time to enter your age, weight and height. This will help determine the optimum amount of calories that you require. If you choose to skip this you can enter the information later on.
  3. After you have registered your details, it is time to track what you have eaten. Tap on the "Food Search" button to search for what you have eaten. Tap on the right results to scroll though the nutritional value to the selected food. To confirm, tap “I Ate This.”
  4. Tap on the “Food” icon to add any more food that you have eaten. In this screen you may input the number of servings that were consumed. This will help calculate the amount of calories eaten.
  5. Tap on “My Plate” icon to see the amount of calories that you are allowed to eat for the day. This concludes the eating aspect of calorie calculation.
  6. To input the amount of exercise, tap on the “Fitness” icon and search for the activity you have done. Input the duration, date and repetitions of the exercise and tap “I Did This” to upload the information on the server.
  7. Tap on “My Plate” to see how much remaining calories you are allowed to take. This remaining amount will take into consideration the exercise you have done.
  8. Over time remember to tap on the “My Weight” icon to update any changes in weight. The app will track your weight gain or loss in relation to the calories eaten.


When using the Livestrong Calorie Counter make sure to input all the required information to keep it accurate. Do not just mind what you eat, remember to exercise, too. It is only with a right combination of healthy eating and exercise that you can live a healthier and leaner life.

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