Use Walmart Money Card

If you want to protect your identity and avoid using your own credit or debit card, you can use a Walmart Money Card. There are several ways to load money onto the card and different ways to spend that money or get cash. Depending on the promotion that is going on, you may even have a chance to get cash back on some of your purchases. Because there is no need for a credit check, this is a great way to gain access to money without needing the approval of a bank.

  1. Purchase a Walmart Money Card online or in a Walmart store. When you sign up to use Walmart Money Card, you will need to give some personal information including your name, address and an email address. Usually, there is no fee to have a the card issued to you; however, there are some fees that go along with usage. In the store, a temporary card will give you a way to use Walmart Money Card until the card imprinted with your name arrives.
  2. Load the Walmart Money Card with money. Before you can use Walmart Money Card, it needs to have money for you to spend. You can reload the card at a Walmart store with cash or a paycheck for a nominal fee. You will need to load at least $20. If your company has direct deposit, you can also have paychecks automatically added so that you can use Walmart Money Card immediately after being paid. You can also add money with a MoneyPak, an online bank transfer and the Walmart MoneyCenter Express.
  3. Use Walmart Money Card to shop. As long as Visa is accepted, you can use Walmart Money Card. You can shop in stores, online and even use it on vacation to arrange for airlines tickets or hotels. Also, if you need cash, use your Walmart Money Card at any ATM. If you use Walmart Money Card to get cash out of the ATM, there will be a small fee.
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