UTI Mutual Funds

Looking for information about UTI Mutual Funds? UTI Mutual Funds is an investment company based out of Mumbai, India. UTI Mutual Funds also has financial centers located across many states in India, including Bihar, Goa, Orissa, and Punjan. UTI Mutual Funds operates under the UTI Asset Management Company. UTI Mutual Funds was founded on January 14, 2003. On February 3rd, 2004, UTI Mutual Funds became a registered portfolio manager with the SEBI. The SEBI is the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

UTI Mutual Funds also has several subsidiaries. UTI Mutual Funds subsidiaries include UTI Venture Funds, UTI International, and UTI Retirement Solutions. Since being founded, the mutual funds that are offered by UTI Mutual Funds have won many awards. UTI Mutual Funds won the CNBC Mutual Fund of the Year Award in 2004, 2006, and 2007. The Mahila Unit Scheme that is offered by UTI Mutual Funds was named Best Fund over 5 Years by the India Lipper Fund Awards in 2009.

Mutual funds that are offered by UTI Mutual Funds include liquid funds, debt funds, asset funds, index funds, balanced funds, income funds, and equity funds. In total, UTI Mutual Funds offers dozens of different mutual funds. The UTI Mutual Funds website allows you to compare funds and dividends from past years so that you can decide which mutual fund is right for you. If, after comparing the mutual funds that are offered by UTI Mutual Funds, you are still not sure which one to invest in, UTI Mutual Funds also offers a My Fund Suggestor that will recommend a fund for you.



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