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The best hardcore workout songs are those songs that you rely on to power you through to the end of your workout session. These are songs have just the right energy, beat, emotion, rhythm and urgency that focus you mentally and give you that extra bit of adrenaline you need to finish your workout strong. The next time you want inspiration during your workout, check out these best hardcore workout songs.

  1. "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots. Starting off with an unmistakable riff, beat and Scott Weiland's "Aaaaaa" vocals, "Down" will get you to bang your head along to its beat for all of its nearly four minutes of duration. As you workout, feel the energy and heat-seeking guitar solo of guitarist Dean DeLeo, which goes on for a brilliant 30 seconds of pure sonic pleasure. If you need a workout song that will pick you up and won't stop slamming you until it's through, choose "Down" by grungers Stone Temple Pilots.
  2. "Surf Wax America" by Weezer. Another good song to power you through your workout is the very underrated Weezer tune "Surf Wax America" from their debut or Blue Album. Featuring balls-to-the-wall guitars from Rivers Cuomo and Brian Bell, along with very bouncy bass work by former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp and frenetic drumming by Pat Wilson, "Surf Wax America" is a tribute to beer, surfing and chicks. As you listen to its punk-influenced tribute to Americana, you will get a second wind for even your hardest of hardcore workouts.
  3. "Animal" by Pearl Jam. Go back to the early 1990's (1993 to be exact) and the exploding grunge era to be motivated by this spastic, little tune from grunge band and now touring band Pearl Jam. Featuring lyrics that communicate singer Eddie Vedder's repulsion at the human race, which makes him contemplate being with an animal instead of a fellow human being, "Animal" is sure to empower you as you go about your hardcore workout. Whether it's the Stone Gossard and Mike McCready guitar riffs and shredding or Vedder's impassioned scream-vocals, there's something to love here for sure.
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