Varicocele Causes

If you have been diagnosed with varicocele you may want to know some of the varicocele causes. But first you should understand exactly what it is. Much like a varicose vein in the leg, varicocele is the enlargement of the spermatic cord in the scrotum. The spermatic cord is the cord that holds the arteries and veins that supplies the blood to and from the scrotum.

  1. It is uncertain exactly what causes varicocele. It generally happens in boys during puberty but can arise at any time. Although the cause of varicocele is unknown it is believed by experts that the valves inside the veins cause the varicocele. Due to the position of the left testicular vein, varicocele is most commonly found on the left side. However it can affect fertility and sperm count in both testicles.
  2. There are a few complications with varicocele. One is testicular atrophy in the affected testicle. The other is infertility. Neither complication has an explanation as to why it happens. However, it is believe that the infertility can be caused from rising body temperatures in the scrotum due to the improper blood flow.
  3. Most often varicocele is not detected until a physical examine. It is often free of any visual or painful symptoms and left undetected. If you suspect you have varicocele contact your doctor for a checkup or other testing to rule out any other medical problems. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain you can wear a cup to help provide relief and take over the counter pain medication. 
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