Verizon Text Message From Computer

Sending a Verizon text message from a computer is easy. It's just a matter of logging in to your Verizon account. After you're in your account, a small bit of navigation through your Verizon account will lead you to the proper page to send a Verizon text message straight from your computer. Follow these steps in order to get to your Verizon account and send a Verizon text message from your computer.

What you need:

  • PC or laptop with an internet connection
  • Verizon account
  1. Getting to the website. In order to send a Verizon text message from your computer, you need to navigate to the Verizon website. The first screen will give you three options. Choose the option labeled "Wireless."
  2. My account. The top tool bar of the next page will have a red link labeled "My Account." Run your mouse arrow over it to reveal a drop down box. Now you need to plug in your account ID or cell phone number and your password. Click log in. If you don't have an online account, simply follow the instructions to create one.
  3. Your Verizon account. Once you've logged in, go to the top of your account page. Click on the link for messaging. A drop down tab will gve you a few options. Choose the second option: "Send Text Message."
  4. Sending your text message. Now it's just a matter of typing in the correct number, the message you want to send and tweaking any of the other options available to you. Once you're done, just press "Send." You've just sent a Verizon text message from your computer.
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