Vesicare Side Effects

From dry mouth to constipation, Vesicare side effects are mild and not serious. Vesicare is a medicine used to treat overactive bladders. It relaxes the muscles of the bladders and helps the user improve their control of urination. Leaking urine, frequent bathroom trips and quick feelings of needing to urinate are relieved with Vesicare. Learn Vesicare side effects before taking the medication.

  1. Dry mouth. Up to 27.6 percent of people will experience dry mouth after taking Vesicare. Dry mouth is when the mouth feels uncomfortably dry, and it may affect enjoyment of food and beverages. Relieve dry mouth by sucking on hard candy or ice chips, chewing gum and drinking water.
  2. Stomach pain. Only 3.3 percent of people using Vesicare will experience stomach pain. Stomach aches and nausea may cause vomiting, lack of appetite and feelings of discomfort. Prevent stomach pain by taking the medication with food.
  3. Blurred vision. One of the most troubling Vesicare side effects is blurred vision, and 4.8 percent of Vesicare users will experience it. Blurred vision is bad for driving, reading newspapers and more. If blurred vision is experienced while taking Vesicare, talk to a doctor for dosage adjustments or a different medication.
  4. Constipation. Approximately 13.4 percent of people will feel constipation because of Vesicare. Constipation is the inability to pass bowel movements or infrequent bowel movements. Prevent constipation by eating a diet rich in fiber, exercising and drinking plenty of water. It is ideal for a man to drink nine eight ounce glasses of water per day.
  5. Urinary tract infection. Burning sensations while urinating, a frequent urge to urinate, cloudy urine and strong smelling urine are symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Only 4.8 percent of people using Vesicare get a urinary tract infection. If someone thinks they have an urinary tract infection from Vesicare, they will contact their doctor for an antibiotic.
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