Vicente Fernandez Songs

Open your ears and mind to the genre of Ranchera music with these Vicente Fernandez songs. Witness a voice that can power a ballad or softly show the intricacies of an ode to love. Add to your music knowledge when you take a peek into the world presented by these songs.

  1. "El Rey" Soft music with a softer tone by Vicente Fernandez keeps "El Rey" lapping at the back of your mind. With an intonation that is always on the edge of completely stopping, Fernandez grips your attention as he tricks you into thinking that the song is about to end over and over. It's a kind of reverse tension where you get caught up not in swelling peaks but rather in the gentle lulls of this song. That makes it a great listen, especially on a warm summer day.
  2. "Ya Me Voy Para Siempre" Like a bubbling brook, the vocals fall back on themselves only to be sent forward yet again in "Ya Me Voy Para Siempre." Vicente Fernandez takes you on a slow walk where the journey is forever and that's just the way the audience wants it. The changing interplay of the guitar and bass mimic a light, unconcerned stride that infiltrates into your own walk without any conscious effort on your part, in essence becoming one with your movements. Enjoy this Vicente Fernandez song on your own travels whether in reality or in your heart.
  3. "Sin Ti" Romance lives again in this song as "Sin Ti" lets the beauty of Fernandez's crooning wrap you up with a soft embrace. Like a lover's caress, Vicente Fernandez subdues his powerful voice in order to let the song take its power from gentleness rather than force. Listen and learn from a master of the slow romantic song as he sings from the soul and not the diaphragm.
  4. "El Ultimo Beso (En Vivo)" Here's a song that could be put over the end credits of any relationship movie. Vicente Fernandez takes the helm of a boat heading straight to the land of smooches in "El Ultimo Beso (En Vivo)" and steers it true. He releases the full power of his voice as he constantly pushes the song into new peaks. Vicente Fernandez showcases his full vocal range as he plays within the soundscape as well as acting the sole instrument at certain points. It's a wonderful song worthy to back any romantic undertaking you might set out upon.
  5. "Miseria" Proving a mastery of any emotion in Ranchera music, Vicente Fernandez tackles sorrow with an understanding of the emotion that comes with experience. You can feel the tears behind each word as he releases sadness upon the listener. There are no overwhelming vocals here, just earnestness and a sincere troubled voice that keeps your soul glued to each note. It can't all be about love or adventure, so let grief and dark times be celebrated as well as Fernandez brings you along for the ride.
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