Victoria Justice Songs

If you have a young daughter than you are probably well aware of these Victoria Justice songs. But incase you don't know who she is, Victoria Justice is an actress from the television show Victorious. Victoria Justice plays Tori Vega, a student at Hollywood Arts School. Victoria Justice has also been seen in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, “Zoey 101” and the television movie “The Boy who Cried Wolf.”

  1. “A Thousand Miles” was Victoria Justice's first released single and was available as a digital download. It did so poorly that it never even hit the charts and the rest of the album was shelved.
  2. “Make it Shine” is the theme songs for the Victoria Justice show “Victorious.” The song is upbeat and sends a message to teens to never give up on there dreams and that if they put their mind to it that they can come true.
  3. “You're the Reason” was first debuted on “Victorious” by Victoria Justice as Tori Vega. In the show Tori wrote and sang the song as a birthday gift for her on screen sister Trina. Although Trina didn't appreciate her efforts the song itself was a hit for both Tori and Victoria Justice. 
  4. “Freak the Freak Out” is the newest release by Victoria Justice. She performed it or Tori Vega on “Victorious” at a karaoke contest. A clean written song for tweens and teens with its upbeat rhythm and tune.
  5. “Tell Me That You Love Me” first debuted on “Victorious” when Tori and Andre traded their talents in lieu of their bill when they come up short for the bill.   
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