Vietnamese Dating Etiquette

Vietnamese dating etiquette differs from other forms of romantic courtship in certain aspects. What traditions are involved in the dating scene? Learn more about Vietnamese dating etiquette and how the process works.

Traditionally, dating in Vietnam was uncommon since children were under their parent's care and responsibility until they reached a certain age. At that point, they marred someone of their parent's choice.  

In today's world, Vietnamese dating has made enormous strides with parents being more opened-minded. Parents allow their sons and daughters to date before marrying. In spite of the updated Vietnamese dating etiquette, public displays of affection such as hand holding, touching and kissing are still inappropriate and is urged to do privately.

Most Vietnamese females are very shy, therefore, not the ones to make the first move. In the past, if a young man was interested in a woman he had to introduce himself to her family, earning approval to befriend her. This wasn't exactly dating as this introduction required the man to meet the girl’s parents many times before he even asked permission to date their daughter. 

Once a Vietnamese pair is dating, the man pays all expenses when it comes to dinner, movies and other social outings. Traditionally, he also buys his love interest flowers and gifts. The woman does not. Accepting the man's gifts and flowers is interpreted as her accepting his love. She is expected to remain a virgin to show her deepest love for the man.

One rule of Vietnamese dating etiquette remains the same, however. An engagement is still very much a family event and a couple usually asks for their parent's permission to marry. It's customary for a man's parents to visit the woman's, bringing gifts of wine or fruit to discuss the marital arrangements such as date, time and other details. Vietnamese dating etiquette is strong in tradition and family values, a sign romance is taken seriously.

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