Vietnamese Street Food

Are you thinking about trying Vietnamese Street Food? Undoubtedly some of the best tasting food, the streets of Hanoi and Saigon are the best places to find wonderful dishes ranging from pasta to seafood eaten with chop sticks (ask for a spoon). On this side of the pond check out NYC and Los Angeles for Vietnamese Street Food.

  1. Bahn Mi. Roasted, grilled or bbq pork or chicken served in a baguette. The Vietnamese street food vendors swear the secret is in starting with a good baguette.
  2. Banh chuoi (Banana cake). The banana's on this sweet tasting cake are colored for attractiveness. Even without the coloring of this banana cake the taste will have you coming back for more.
  3. Com (steamed rice). Rice is a staple food for the Vietnamese and is served multiple times a day in a variety of dishes. Com is served at home, in restaurants and as Vietnamese street food by vendors.
  4. Pho (noodles). Pho is a popular food for the Vietnamese. Pho recipes vary though chicken or beef is used as the base for flavor by individuals, Vietnamese street food vendors and restaurants. Pho is served multiple times daily.
  5. Pillow puffs.  A deep fried flour shell is stuffed with various tasty items depending on the establishment. Pork or barbecued pork is the main ingredient in this popular dish.
  6. Bahn Cu Cai Bot Chien. Fried rice cakes stuffed with scrambled egg and scallion. This dish is served with dipping sauce on the side by Vietnamese street food vendors.
  7. Goi Du Du Bo Kho (papaya salad). This green salad comes in two variations. North Vietnam uses beef jerky. South Vietnam uses shrimp and pork. Fish sauce or soy and vinegar are dressing choices.
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