Vimax Side Effects

Ever since its initial 2001 date of distribution, men buying penis enlargement medication have wondered about Vimax side effects. The manufacturer of this nutritional supplement is confident that the product is safe, in part because the pills contain 100 percent herbal ingredients. Nevertheless, there are Vimax side effects that the daily or casual user should be aware of.

  1. Potential reduction in heart attacks. Who says that side effects are always bad? The supplement contains avena sativa, which is an extract of green oats. Beta-D-glucans are part of the oats’ makeup, which deliver heart healthy soluble fiber.
  2. Insomnia and diarrhea. Among the undesirable Vimax side effects, these rank high on the list. They are brought on by the inclusion of libido-enhancing ginseng, which is also associated with changes in blood pressure and headaches. Insomnia and diarrhea may also be brought on when mixing Vimax with other over-the-counter or prescription products.
  3. Anxiety and overstimulation. Yohimbe counteracts male orgasmic dysfunction, but it also has the potential of triggering anxiety attacks. Men who accidentally take too many penis enlargement pills—or mix and match Yohimbe containing products—may quite possible begin suffering from headaches, hallucinations and rapid heart beats. A severe overdose can be fatal.
  4. Heart attacks. Saw palmetto extract is a known agent affecting the presence of hormones associated with sexual activity. With respect to Vimax side effects, this extract heightens the risk of heart attacks because it contains beta-sitosterol, which acts in the blood stream in a manner similar to cholesterol.

Aside from the question about where or not this penis enlargement medication actually works, Vimax side effects are sufficiently serious to think twice before taking the pills without at least running the ingredients list by a physician first.

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